Tuesday, May 5, 2009

nylon magazine's young hollywood party

last night i had the privilege to play with a coterie of fine friends. we attended the nylon magazine party, which was held in the tropicana bar at the roosevelt hotel. it was a shoulder to shoulder sardine can of music. fashion. and a certain kind of fun. one must be in the right mood to handle such a crowd of little darlings. i couldn't have been happier since i had brie. katie. and baelyn in tow. such gems are hard to find.

rosa. brie. katie. cory

baelyn. brie. whitney gray.

brie. a wash. katie.

brie. whitney gray.

brie. mr. fabulous.

* thanks to katie and brie for lending me photos of last night. my camera is collecting its thoughts. soon it will come back to me.

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