Thursday, September 3, 2009

zine factory.

the funnel & moxie zine factory.

"we want to bring opportunity and inspiration to anyone who wants to make zines. the funnel & moxie zine factory is more then a store where zines are created, collected, and sold worldwide. it is a place seeking artist who want to make self promotional zines about there life and works. view our gallery of zines and categories of zines to get a taste of what kind of art we here at the factory thrive on. you may find that your artwork has a home here with us, or that you are making zines in a category all your own. either way we want to sell your zines here if you are an artist who loves the idea of creating art and selling your zines worldwide.

our goals…

we want to gather the largest collection of zines traversing all fields of interest that artist may have. this collection will be available for purchase individually and the site will serve as the gallery. there is also a collaboration element in many of the zines that are now up on the site. if you are an artist interested in receiving a zine to collaborate on, you just need to contact us and we will get rolling."

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  1. Thank you Whitney for such a great response. I still want to get a zine made from you to post on the site and in the Zine Machine. I have had a pile of viewers on the site esp. from all my Guilds that play WOW. i have a WOW zine section and I think it is going to grow as much as the Tribute section has. Let me know what kind if zine you would like to make from your list of interests, i know it will be fascinating.
    M. Rodela FMZF

  2. I used to own Mustache! Idk what has happened to it since. But I think I bought it before one of Endi's classes. Funny. I miss that smelly old gym.


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