Thursday, February 18, 2010


artist: jordi canudas

jordi’s projects stand between mass produced objects, one off pieces and performance-installation pieces. The starting point for a project can be an experience, a material, an interesting phenomena or any small detail that grasps jordi’s attention. hi process is a mixture of research, material experimentation and intuition that without having any predefined outcome lets the project navigate to unexpected results.

“action” is the common denominator in all jordi’s pieces. stretchy fabrics, rubber bands, foam, metal springs,… anything that can be reshaped, changed, modified over time or even deformed or destroyed while being used interests him. On this line he is also interested in the melting process of matter, from solid to fluid, from rigidity to softness, from order to chaos.

light is another recurrent element in his work for which he approaches it from its essence, almost as physical material. less lamp demands that the user releases the light by breaking the shade trapping it within, whilst dripping Light, inspired by the constantly changing light of the sunset, gradually smothers the light source in dripping paint.

less lamp:


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