Wednesday, March 10, 2010

concepts of time.

jessica de lotz.

graduate from central st martin’s (2008) and winner of the ‘coutts new jewellers award’ (2009), jessica de lotz’s jewellery collections are narrative based tributes reflecting on the ‘social lives’ of objects and the history of their owner’s. largely inspired by her father, a self employed military book seller with an ethos of ‘make do and mend,’ jessica believes that all the objects one needs are available already, it’s just a matter of sourcing them. guided by an overriding appreciation of age and history, jessica’s jewellery embodies the concepts of time, concealment and heritage.

jessica’s 2008 degree show collection, that is available at kabiri, is entitled ‘until the day break’ – at an early sunday morning antique market she came across a 1950’s handbag filled with photographs, identity cards, birth certificates, stamps, tickets and other personal documents of a women named daisy hooper. assuming that one of the photographs was that of daisy’s bedroom, she created jewellery that would inhabit and interact with the objects located within the image. a bangle hidden in a picture frame, a ring within one of the light switches, jessica designed her jewellery to not only exist within the objects, but to be protected by them as well. the last place a burglar would look is in your bayonet light bulb or hairbrush. daisy hooper’s handbag had awoken objects from the past which will now become possible “heirlooms of the future.”

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