Tuesday, June 30, 2009


designer: allysun dutra.

wg: what is the philosophy behind your line?

kh: fine art meets environmentalism. a personal protest and an on going art project; i wanted to do something with my art that was both functional, unique and socially and environmentally conscious. i hand make everything from recycled materials, i never do the same thing twice, because i hate disposable cheap fashion. its mind blowing that sweat shops even exist, and all the discarded clothing that ends up in land fills is insane. workers are exploited and places are polluted. i love fashion but not that much! therefore, i am purposely a micro label, i make and sell locally, i meet my clients, and i take painstaking time to perfect each of my garments. i am very particular about where i get my materials so that 99 percent of everything I make is completely recycled. this idea is called "slow fashion" its the way things used to be before corporations, globalization and mass production came about. going on and on producing stuff is not sustainable. i love cloths and i love to design but i refuse to add to the problem, so i embody the solution.

wg: kittinhawk?

kh: hawks are my favorite, they are symbols of power, and they have always been in my life, my home town is full of red tail hawks, as i was growing up i would find hawk feathers every where and see them out of the corner of my eye. they always had a strong impact on me. i always had nicknames, people would call me sparrowhawk because i kinda look like a little bird and i would always wear big feathers in my hair. my first true love called me kitten, and it was during that time that i started my line so it came very natural to combine the two. every one has an animal that they identify with, or look like, kittens and hawks are mine.

wg: what is your indulgence?

kh: raw food, gold, vintage everything, sequined everything...hot pink eye shadow..

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find her entire line on http://www.delgeronimo.com/.

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  1. what an interestign line. thank you for the interview.
    muah x


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