Saturday, June 13, 2009

melting marvel.

artist: nicole poko

"my art lies in the interplay between my processes and how my materials respond to those processes. i freeze various types of paint and water into molds that i make. i stack the ice layers onto yupo paper to melt. the surface of yupo, a paper-like plastic sheet, resists absorption, causing water to pool. as the ice layers melt a pool of water builds up. i use a floor with a bounce to increase audience participation. as the viewer moves around the melting ice, the pools of water begin to shift towards the weight of the viewer. this series has led to video work showing the progression of an ice cube melting. the videos, as well as photographs and dried puddles create the body of work that all document the event of paint-filled ice layers melting."

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  1. now that's a very cool idea - thanks for sharing!


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